October 8, 2017


Service Categories

There are two categories of services offered by My Retired Life Foundation: (a) Work Opportunities; (b) Ancillary Services.

For work opportunities please refer to the criteria below and the ‘Work’ page: http://www.myretiredlife.in/work/

For ancillary services please click on the link http://www.myretiredlife.in/ancillary-services/ for more details. You can contact some of the service providers directly, while for healthcare providers and legal assistance, you need to route your queries through us for support and guidance.

The following eligibility criteria have to be met in order to be hired by any organization:

Age 58 years and above

Open to all genders

Physically active (Mandatory)

Domain expertise in a specific area of work

No major illness that requires bed-rest or occasional absenteeism from work

Once hired by any organization, the terms and conditions are agreed upon by the employer and the employee and My Retired Life Foundation has no role in it

Choosing a work opportunity shared by My Retired Life Foundation is at the sole discretion of the member of MRLF or any applicant. Disputes if any in the future will not be binding on My Retired Life Foundation or its Trustees or any of its members

 Professional Assignments 

Professional assignments can be a full-time or part-time work, freelancing, or a time-bound assignment depending on the previous career path. These would be paid assignments/work directly by the employer.

Volunteering work

Volunteering can be with NGOs, academic institutions, care facilities, fund-raising events, tutorials, etc. These might not be paid assignments but can take care of incidental charges such as travel expenses.