October 8, 2017

Ancillary Services

Other Activities

MRLF is involved in a number of other activities of interest to members and also with a view to keeping them engaged. These include:

  1. CSR Activities: MRLF undertakes visits to various underprivileged/needy senior citizen homes to spend time there for meaningful activities with the inmates. Several visits have taken place during the last 2 years to all centers of AajiCare, a senior citizen entity specialized in care centers for dementia patients in the city of Mumbai, Paramshanthidham Vridhrashram, Taloja, Navi Mumbai and Karuneshwar Old Age Home at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Contributions in cash and kind have also been made.


  1. Charitable Activities: MRLF is also at the forefront of charitable activities in case of social need. During Covid 19 crisis, MRLF has donated Rs1.14 Lacs to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, during August 2020, out of donations collected from members.


  1. Academic Activities: MRLF has a rich Half-Yearly Bulletin called “Prakash” that contains various articles/poems by the members. It is brought out in the electronic format. MRLF also conducts research in various areas concerning senior citizens and brings out research papers.