October 8, 2017

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

Health & Wellness

Collaborative assistance in Primary Healthcare (Local General Physicians), Secondary Healthcare (Specialized Doctors), and Tertiary Healthcare (Specialized Hospitals). We do a general listing here and details would be available through our 'contact form' once you write back to us or call us. 

Collaborative Services:

  • APOLLO HOSPITAL, SEAWOODS. Please use the MyRetiredLife - My Apollo Card for availing discounted rates and offers. 
  • SHRIKANT KSHIRSAGAR, Yoga Expert & Wellness Coach: shrikant@yogasanjeevani.com | Cell: 98199 50710 

Tax & Financial Advisory 

Through Finance and Tax Professionals we help retired senior citizens to plan their tax returns and investments. Our empanelled advisors are retired senior bankers and Certified finance professionals. 

Collaborative arrangements are being made with Banks and NBFCs for the following services:

  1. Personal Loans
  2. Reverse Mortgage
  3. Investments
  4. Insurances

Legal Support

Through our empaneled lawyers we offer the following legal services. The initial advisory is free of charges and subsequent consultation or representation would be between the Lawyer and the Client bound my confidentiality.

The subsequent charges would be a discounted fee mutually agreeable between the Lawyer and the Client (member of MyRetiredLife.In). The available services for senior citizens are:

  • Property Will
  • Legal and other support towards any form of Harassment of Senior Citizens
  • Legal assistance to abandoned Senior Citizens
  • Investment matters
  • Recovery of PF, pension, and other financial dues
  • Other legal matters as applicable

Empanelled Lawyers: 

  • Adv. Anjana Sharma, Bombay High Court - 7 66 66 07 016
  • Adv. Bhupendra Pathak, Bombay High Court - 98 33 68 64 56 
  • Adv. Prashant Gupta, Bombay High Court - 99 300 68 98 7

Support and Advice from Mr. Prakash Bargaonkar, Director, Helpage India - 98212 24 513

Entrepreneurship Assistance

This is a service enabling senior citizens to set up their units or pursue an entrepreneurial venture.

Help is provided towards:

  • Market research
  • Company formation
  • Financial advisory and tax compliance
  • Manpower support
  • Government rules and support framework for entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and sales advisory

Emergency Services (To start from Nov 2018)

This service is an exclusive service available on a holiday (Sunday or any national holiday or bandh) in the following domains:

  • Doctor-on-call 
  • Ambulance-on-call